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Gain Time

Business can be time consuming but renting art doesn't have to be. Let us take care of the details while you focus on what really matters.

Build Community

Gain a new supporter for your business. The moment you rent art with us, an artist in your community gets ready to tell everyone who rented it. Promotion. Reach more customers.

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We constantly receive artwork from local artists near you that are established and incoming. Discover new art all around you , maybe even the next Picasso.

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What people say about us

I've been using Community Art for over a year now and I've had great success."

David BalfourOwner of Clayton Height Sports & Therapy Center

Gary and the Community Art team are amazing! It's more than just an art display business - it's a movement."

Lyn ChenChief Executive Office at TUFF Candy Inc.

I love Community Art and their team! So thankful for what they have for me and struggling artists like me! Without them to encourage me to put my paintings out there, I wouldn't have the bravery or the connection to show them out to the world!"

Cindy LiuLocal Artist

Community Art is encouraging young people to go for their dreams and for that I give them 5 stars!"

David AndrewCEO at Anything on Canvas

Your pieces are amazing!"

Shawn SidhuPartner at Sidhu Lawyers

Community Art has encouraged me to incorporate art into my future career, and for that, I'm truly grateful!"

Julia NguyenLocal Artist


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Community Art is the ideal platform for you to build your reputation and rent your work. Regardless of your skill level or experience, you will receive the opportunity to showcase your work. Take Advantage today.
At Community Art we only want to work with those who are serious about taking their art to the next level. 
 You heard it right! At Community Art we allow artists to price their work and get paid that full amount! No percentages. Earn what you decide.

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We coordinate and install your art for you.
As a Community Art artist you will be responsible for scheduling your art installations and monitoring your inventory.
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